Ariel Mermaid Moonlight Embroidered Adult Shirt

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Isn't Ariel sitting in the Moonlight beautiful?

The size of the design depends on the size of the shirt . The bigger the shirt the larger the design. The smaller the shirt the small the design. This is a 8'x8" design.This design is sewn directly onto the shirt. It is NOT a patch that is sewn on and I do not make patches.

All shirts are sewn on quality cotton shirts.Brands may vary depending on the size and color of the shirts. All shirts should be laundered in cold water and hung to dry to preserve the quality of the applique/embroidery. If it isn't it will cause wrinkling. All shirts have a protective covering on the inside of the shirt for sensitive skin.

Due to the nature of personalization there are no refunds but I will do a even exchange for the same color/size/brand shirt if there is a flaw in the shirt.